Juniper’s new switch line

Over at Infosec Podcast, Chris talks about Juniper’s new line of EX Switches. While the article is interesting, more interesting is the discussion about the commoditization of the switch market. From a comment by Jennifer Leggio:

I also wonder why Juniper, which OEMs at least so many pieces of its security line, would opt to go this route in an already commoditized market.

To me, this is the same story as a million other companies – there’s an overwhelming desire at some companies to build something for themselves, even when it doesn’t make sense. Think about Juniper – they’ve got thousands of talented engineers. In many cases, it makes a lot of sense for most companies to OEM rather than build, especially in crowded markets.

For example, does the world really need yet another UTM box? Or yet another home wireless access point? Or yet another linux distribution?

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