Joining together

Another great development of RSA was the opportunity to meet the team from Securac (also known as Certus). For those that don’t know, Neohapsis acquired Securac a couple of weeks ago.

Being at RSA gave us the opportunity to have a fantastic dinner where members of both teams talked, laughed, and had a few drinks together. It’s clear that there’s a fit here – an outsider couldn’t have known who came from which company.

The New Neo Team

While I have often been an outspoken critic of mergers and acquisitions as a means of improving business, there are sometimes that it actually works. This seems like it’s one of those times – from spending a few hours with the members of the Securac team, there’s a cultural fit as well as an incredible meshing of vision and goals.

It’s going to be fun working with this team. Welcome to all of my new teammates.

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