RECON 2008

I will be giving a talk at the RECON conference in Montreal this weekend (June 13-15).  For those of you who haven’t been to RECON it is a fantastic conference.  RECON considers itself a security conference but it is much more than that.  There are many very technical talks that typical involve the different aspects of reverse engineering just about anything.  Perfect for security researchers, the anti-virus community or anybody interested on studying the inner workings of things.

I am very excited to be presenting in Montreal and have some fun tools to release after the talk.  My talk is about writing your own virtual machine for the purposes of code obfuscation.  It should be around Noon-ish on Saturday but that time may change.  The goal of the talk is to not just teach what an embedded virtual machine is or how it works but also to allow you to build your own.  I will be releasing a virtual CPU that you can play with as well as an assembler like language you can use to compile code for your virtual machine.  The compiler is written in Ruby and is easily extended so you can quickly write your own language for your own processor.  I will also have a crackme to release to play with as well 😀

Should be lots of fun!  I’ll be there on Friday but I will be taking off early morning on Sunday to get home for fathers day (Need to support the lil’ Neophites).  So be sure to ‘Hi’ at the party.

–Craig Smith

Updated to include posted link to crackme

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