Rob Beck’s MS-SQL Rootkit Framework Presentation @ DefCon Skytalks 2014

SQL Gestalt: A MS-SQL Rootkit Framework will be presented by Rob “whitey” Beck (@damnit_whitey) at the DefCon Skytalks 2014 in Las Vegas, NV this year.  This talk will provide an overview of a basic framework for the creation, deployment, operation, and persistence of a MS-SQL rootkit for all versions of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above.


This talk illustrates the various facilities in the MS-SQL database environment for performing code execution.  Using these facilities, attendees are presented with the basis of the SQL Gestalt – A rootkit framework, utilizing various aspects of the SQL core facilities, working in conjunction to provide persistence in the database.


This talk benefits pen testers, forensic analysts, and database administrators by exposing methods and tactics that may not be commonly known or widely employed in traditional database compromises. Examples will be provided in a variety of languages including T-SQL, C#, C++, VBscript, and Powershell utilizing SQL facilities such as SQL Assemblies, the Extended Stored Procedure API, SQL Agent, and OLE Automation.  At the conclusion of this presentation a basic framework will be released with sample code to illustrate all of the functionality discussed in this talk.

Talk Agenda

The following topics will be discussed in the presentation:

  • Concept of the SQL Gestalt rootkit
  • Facilities for executable code in SQL
    • Overview
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages
    • Examples
  • Module installation
    • Deployment
    • Execution considerations
  • Securing a native code execution point
  • Persistence in SQL
  • Advanced rootkit operations


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